Cyrulnik Fattaruso LLP prevailed in a real estate dispute in New York Supreme Court concerning a disputed deposit on a building in Manhattan.

New developer clients turned to CF to take over defense against early summary judgment motion filed against them in connection with alleged breach of a 2022 real estate purchase agreement for a property in Manhattan. CF was brought into the case after the plaintiff sought summary judgment that it was entitled to retain the deposit when a dispute arose concerning the proposed sale. CF cross-moved for summary judgment and prevailed, obtaining a return of the deposit.

CF later added to its win by obtaining its complete attorneys fees from our adversary after a contested fee hearing. In granting our client’s fee request, the Court praised the quality of CF’s legal papers. The Court stated: “Short and precise papers are a lot more difficult to write than long rambling papers, and these papers were really terrific; smart, sharp, to the point and winning. There wasn’t much fluff. I recall the papers were teed up beautifully. Clearly, the quality of the legal work here was outstanding.”

CF’s team was led by Jason Cyrulnik and Michael Pomerantz.